On Site Analysis

One of the services that sets Becher Plastics apart from its competition is our free project consultation. We'll work with you to coordinate an on-site visit at your location to assess the type of scrap you are handling. We'll talk with you to understand its current handling conditions and make recommendations for the best solution.

Brokerage Services

We buy and sell various types of plastic resins in a multitude of forms. If you have a particular plastic in mind, let us know and we'll do our best to either locate it for you or find an interested party who would be interested in purchasing it for their use.

Recycling Services

Becher Plastics prides itself on adhering to the highest performance standards in plastics recycling. Our customers appreciate the attention we provide to ensure the resin returned is clean and ready for use in your project.


Manufacturing Equipment

  • Three 6" extrusion lines
  • Three densifiers
  • Low-speed shredder
  • High-speed grinder

Quality Control

  • Melt Flow Analysis
  • Izod and Tensile Strength
  • Pressure Rise Testing

Custom Compounding

  • Stabiliser Packages
  • Color Additives