4 Tips for sourcing recycled resin
December 19, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Image of four trash cans made from recycled resin.

For decades, our family-owned business has been on a mission to provide high-quality products made from sustainable materials, including recycled resin. Our commitment and passion for sustainability drive us to be creative when searching out and implementing best practices that keep the environment top of mind in production and product development.

Whether you’ve been interested in making eco-friendly choices all along or are just beginning your journey down the path of sustainable options, this blog will help walk you through some tips for sourcing recycled resin.

Look for a reputable company that sources recycled resin

Finding the right company to source your recycled resin can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Look for a mission-oriented, family-owned business with strong values that puts the customer first.

Make sure they have a good reputation in the market and use quality materials. As a customer, you’ll receive superior products and help the environment by using recycled materials! Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your project––find a reliable, well-established recycled resin supplier with excellent customer service and sustainability policies in place.

Ask questions about the manufacturing process and where the resin comes from

When finding a recycled resin manufacturer, you’re looking for the highest-quality products backed by core values that align with your company’s, including integrity and responsibility. On the journey to find a manufacturer, it helps if you ask questions to become better informed about the process.

You also want to make sure a potential manufacturer will be available to answer questions or concerns that might come up.

Typical topics of inquiry include:

  • Information about where the materials come from
  • Typical products of production
  • If the products meet industry standards.

Knowledge is power, and you want to ensure the manufacturer has the time and answers to your questions.

Make sure the company is transparent and has a commitment to sustainability

Start with research to ensure a recycled resin company is transparent and committed to sustainability. Make sure that the values of the company match up with your own by looking into the following:

  • Materials sourcing
  • Production processes
  • Customer service policies.

See if they are actively pursuing a sustainable approach to making products, such as compostable packaging or recycled materials.

First-hand accounts from current and past customers can also be helpful in learning about the company’s overall approach: ask for testimonials or read online reviews. With this information, you can make an educated decision on whether or not a recycled resin company is truly dedicated to making an impact on the environment.

The Earth and I

Consider the environmental impact of using recycled resin

The environmental impact of using recycled resin is undeniable. It reduces our reliance on unsustainable materials and puts less strain on the global resources we depend on to make products.

Not only that, but recycling plastic within the manufacturing process itself drastically reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Companies committed to sustainability understand the importance of investing in clean energy sources and how consuming and repurposing renewable materials can reduce their carbon footprint significantly.

Recycled resin gives us one more tool in the fight against climate change and is already becoming a key part of unlocking a better sustainable future for us all.

Becher Plastics is Fox Valley’s leading manufacturer of recycled resin and plastic.

We founded Becher Plastics on the principles of integrity, community, and trust. While we work hard to meet our customer’s needs and expectations, we’ll never make a promise that we can’t deliver. Whatever you need, from recycled materials to carbon footprint reduction, we’ll strive to be a lifelong partner to help you navigate the world of environmental initiatives.

When you need to source recycled resin, reach out to the team at Becher Plastics to learn more about our range of products and brokerage services.